'Armor' Replacement Aluminium Dome for the Mig Vapor Black Sub Herb.
An unbreakable aluminium dome to replace the glass dome.
  • Very strong
  • Very light
  • Satin black finish

Mig Vapor spent months developing a top that would be accident proof. After trying many metals they settled on aerospace aluminium for this replacement dome for your SUB-HERB. 

It will work with the standard or the black versions of the Mig Vapor SUB-HERB's.

Mig Vapor says, "We perfected this top, it was even driven over by a Ford 2017 Raptor and the darn thing did not even bend." Made from a single block of AeroSpace Aluminum and machined to the perfect shape. 

  • 1 x ARMOR aluminium dome
  • to fit Mig Vapor Sub-Herb coil base

Coil and mouthpiece not included.

Mig Vapor Black Sub-Herb 'Armor' Aluminium Dome