Khan video tutorial

Mig Vapor KHAN

Powerhouse of portable dry herb vaporisers
  • Massive chamber

  • up to 240°C

  • Full digital display

In the Forbes Holiday Buyers List!


Mig Vapour's top-of-the-range device. Detailed LED screen, huge 14mm chamber and the ability to heat up to 240C (464 F).  This is a very powerful, controllable and satisfying device.


The large chamber means you get excellent heat distribution even when not filled to the brim. Recommended setting: 210°C (410F) for a superb vape without combustion.


Features include:

  • LED Screen 

  • Temperature setting from 150 to 240 C (302-464 F)

  • Large chamber, one of the biggest in the industry!

  • Thick pyrex glass mouthpiece, no plastics 

  • Ceramic chamber

  • Aerospace Aluminium body

  • Isolated air path, keeping cool air flowing in

  • 2200 mAh high amp Battery

  • Vibrates when at temperature

  • Pyrex Bubbler by Specifics Labs

  • The snake on the red Khan, is gold plated nickel.

  • The snake on the black Khan is silver plated

  • Snake design by L. Gardini


  • Quickstart guide

Box Contents
  • 1 X KHAN Vaporizer

  • 1 x Pyrex glass mouthpiece

  • 1 x Pyrex glass water bubbler mouthpiece

  • 1 x pair of tweezers

  • 1 x cleaning brush

  • 1 x USB charging cable