Why VapeWiser started


The beginning

Having been a smoker for many decades (30 a day), I gradually switched to vaping several years ago. Initially using the first Vype e-Pen - a clever design and discreet, then the original Innokin Endura which really cracked it for me and allowed me to quit cigarettes completely. I now use a variety of devices and tanks in variable wattage mode.


Still a Rolling Stone 

Being a professional musician who liked herbal 'remedies' I was still smoking my herb with tobacco but seeking an alternative because I could really feel the benefits of smoking less.

I tried a few cheap battery-powered vaporizers but was not satisfied and still preferred rolling up. 


Indoor Toker review

Then I found ‘IndoorToker’s’ product videos – when he was on YouTube – and saw his review of the Mig Vapor Black Sub-Herb tank. As I was using the Innokin Cool fire IV Plus at the time it seemed a perfect combo. (You can see one of his Sub-Herb reviews on Vimeo).


I used the Sub-Herb and never smoked again! 

That did it! I found that the option to vape or combust allowed me to get my ‘sweet spot’ of around 18-20 watts (after some experimentation). It also allowed me to push it harder when I wanted to. Looking just like a vape tank it was discreet and ideal at gigs and other public events.


I wanted to share

I was so impressed I contacted Mig Vapor in Florida regarding importing them into the UK as I wanted to share these devices with like-minded people plus provide comprehensive support and advice. I am now an authorised retailer and distributor who has a great ongoing relationship with Mig Vapor and my customers.

Positive feedback

Initially I sold the Sub-Herb on ebay only. A test run to see how it would be received by buyers. The feeback and reviews were very positive. There were a few negative responses which were due to not using it correctly. I therefore produced a Tips Sheet to send with the device which greatly reduced any issues.  Even now, I always offer refunds or replacement parts to unhappy buyers regardless of the circumstances. 


I sell what I use myself

Since then I have tried all of Mig Vapor’s dry herb devices and currently stock the ones I use myself on a regular basis.

I primarily use the Khan as my every day go-to device. However, if out in the hills for long trips hiking or similar physical activities I take the Sub-Herb (fitted with the Armor Dome for durability) because I always have charged devices, batteries and backups for my e-liquid and can just swop tanks. I use the Herb-e when in more limiting social situations where maximum discretion is required and there is no need to share.

What I guarantee:
  • All queries are answered asap

  • Any issues will be resolved to the customer's satisfaction

  • All items are authentic and legal imports

  • All items are dispatched asap - same day when possible

  • 90 day warranty on all devices (extended warranty on Khan from Mig Vapor)

Get in touch

Got further questions? Message me using the contact form and I will respond asap.

Black Sub-Herb dry herb vape tank

Khan dry herb vaporizer